Kate Shadock is a former Fortune-500 executive in Engineering & Finance, an Author, Key-note speaker, and now, dedicates herself to her passion as a Medical Intuitive for animals as founder and CEO of "Radiant Animals." 

Kate holds a BS in Housing, BS in Finance, an MBA in Finance, and an MS in Mechanical Engineering. After many years in corporate America, which afforded the gift of early retirement, her sense of curi-osity about her intuitive side kicked in. That lead Kate to train with Master Practitioners specializing in several protocols of energetic healing. It quickly became apparent that her scientific background was a huge bonus as she also developed her intuitive side! Combining her early scientific/theoretical training with alternative healing modalities, Kate is able to discern information about animals' health and well-being to support and help both animals and their "people." She's now focused on guiding other professionals who also work with pets and their people... 

"Real Estate Success Blueprint: Working with Pets & Their People to Increase Sales & Profits" is the result of Kate's business experience, and years as a Real Estate investor (Buyer & Seller) herself, and her more recent intuitive work with pets and their owners at Radiant Animals. 

Kate experienced the trauma, at a young age, of leaving treasured pets behind due to a relocation. Kate understands the integral part pets play in how buyers and sellers make housing decisions, as well as the physical and emotional impact moving has on families. Kate's goal is to show Real Estate Agents how to be a true "Pet Partner Agent" to optimize their business success, while also ensuring that pet families everywhere are served, happy, and whole. 

In addition to this book, she is actively involved in changing State and Federal animal laws, as well as working on her next book - Keeping Peace in the Peaceable Kingdom: What to do When Pets Go Wild. 

Kate has always enjoyed writing. She began by submitting letters to newspaper and magazine edi-tors. Later she ventured into writing more in-depth pieces, using her expertise, intuitive abilities, and passion to great effect. She counts Louise Hay and Markus Buckingham as favorite inspirations. 

In her downtime Kate enjoys the challenge of gardening in the desert, competing in obedience trials with her dogs, and traveling. She's also a frequent volunteer at the Best Friends Animal Society, as well as several other non-profit organizations. 

Kate's favorite quote embodies who she is: "No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care." - Theodore Roosevelt 

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