Kate helped me realize...


"Kate helped me realize my cat was manipulating me for attention. Once she taught me how to think of him as a healthy animal most of his symptoms cleared up."

Lewis — Montana 

Casey, my terrier...


"Casey, my terrier, had multiple issues that cost a lot of time and money. Kate settled his system and now we only go to the vet for grooming."

Bridget — Missouri 

First choice at the sanctuary...


"We have an animal sanctuary in the Midwest where we gladly care for animals of all species. Kate is our first choice help to diagnose and treat these beautiful individuals in need. We rely on her ability to communicate and treat with incredible accuracy. We would be lost without her.  She is our anchor and help. When it is time for an individual to cross over, Kate knows and makes it much easier. We could not complete this difficult rescue mission without her. We are so grateful."

RR — Missouri

Kate is a true path to health...


"My spouse and I work full time and run a side business that demands a lot of stamina, love, care, and attention. We have our own health concerns as we perform extensive manual labor and we are both “boomers”. Kate has diagnosed and supported us over the past several years. I do not believe I would still be here without her. Her  work addresses what is really wrong , rather just offer a way to mask the symptoms. It is a true path to health."

BC — Missouri

I met Kate at a conference...


"I met Kate at a conference and knew immediately that she was a woman with a sharp, intelligent mind. What really struck me was her compassionate heart -- not only for animals, but also for people. Her journey to practice her art has brought Kate to a place where when she speaks to my dog, Niko, and tells me what he said, I know it is his personality she is bringing back to me in articulate, detailed information about his health and well-being. She has brought my dog healing, and in doing so has brought it to me as well!"

Donna — Oregon 

My dog is an ambassador...


"Kate has been working with my dog, Buster, for 7 years.  He was chewing bedding and exhibiting other anxious behaviors. Kate made suggestions about Buster's diet. Even more importantly, she changed my thinking about incorporating him into more parts of my life.  I started bringing him along when I went to equine events and worked on horses.  He became an ambassador for my business, my clients love him and he is much happier because he is "helping me with the horses."  The anxious behaviors stopped altogether.  Kate was a lifesaver for both of us!"

SS — Sherwood, Oregon

I'm so happy to report...


“I'm so happy to report what looks to be a complete healing of my cat's persistent eye infection.  I have a 17-year-old cat and last year he developed an infection in one eye. After multiple vet visits and eye drops and eye ointments and oral antibiotics and wearing a cone for 4 months there was no improvement.  His eye was cloudy and red and inflamed and goopey.  After the first session with Kate I could see some definite improvement. We had stopped using eye ointment a few weeks after the session. Two months later I asked her to do another session because I felt we could get a little more healing for him.  Now, a little over two months since then his eye looks completely normal. I had thought he lost vision in the eye because it was so clouded over and it looked like it wasn't tracking.  But now - his eye is clear, I can see the pupil and I think he has at least partial vision back!   Thank you Kate for the wonderful gift you have given Spanky!”

Dana  —  Connecticut

I call Kate first now...


"I learned of Kate through an acquaintance at church when seeking help for my recently adopted cats. This lovely woman raved about Kate, and her kind support and healing she has provided her cats for years. I had never heard of the type of work Kate does, thought it was a little “out there”. I was at my wits end, and willing to try most anything. I found Kate relatable, kind, calming and insightful. Kate connected with my cats; identified their personalities and characteristics spot on. Over the last three years, Kate assisted in clearing medical & behavioral issues. She is always quick to respond when needed, insightful and very helpful! I am so thankful to Kate for helping to keep our little family together during a very troubled time. Now, when I have questions about my pet’s well-being, I call Kate first and consider her an important part of our support team.  Thank you, Kate!"

N. Stephens — Oregon

I feel like a weight has lifted...


"My first session with Kate was a gift from my cousin, who raved about her. My expectations were high, and Kate didn’t disappoint! She not only picked up on my body’s  physical distress and addressed those issues, she also cleared several energy blockages as well. I clearly remember, while talking to Kate over the phone, getting up off the couch (where I was laying in pain) and zipping around all over the house. She asked, “What are you doing? The reception keeps going in and out.” and I said, “I just can’t sit still! I feel like a 50lb weight has been lifted off me!”. Absolutely amazing! Kate does so much in a session, you can’t remember all she’s said. It’s a bonus that she sends you a chart, afterwards, capturing all that she addressed. I am extremely grateful my cousin introduced me to Kate!"

CH — Houston, Texas