Meet Kate


Kate is:

  • A Speaker, Author & Medical Intuitive 
  • The Founder & CEO of Radiant Animals, where she’s worked with animals for 11 years
  • Now working an Intuitive Psychic Medium with multiple sensory gifts
  • An Intuitive Engineer with 35 years in corporate life as a CPA and Engineer. 
  • Grounded in Science with: BS in Housing, BS in Accounting, MBA in Finance and M/S in Mechanical Engineering
  • An experienced Real Estate Investor
  • A lifelong learner with a focus on STEAM
  • An avid community worker who enjoys volunteering at the local Senior Artist Shop, Master Gardener events and Best Friends Animal Society

Kate’s Work Today:

  • A Medical Intuitive trained to work with people and animals, & specializing with animals
  • Supports both domestic and exotic animals worldwide 
  • Helps reveal, for pet guardians,  the intense and subtle link between them and their pets
  • Builds on her ability to communicate with animals from a very young age 
  • Connects to people/animals in a way that allows her to see and feel what is out of balance in their bodies, and their energy

Why Kate is Dedicated to this Work?

  • She discovered many years ago, even the best traditional medicine cannot fully support wellness
  • Her own personal healing journey opened new avenues of integrated-care and wellness
  • Her fervent commitment to educate, and to provide an alternative perspective/guidance for pet parents and their animals
  • Her work allows Kate to help pets and their families stay happy and healthy
  • She discovered that animals are generous/wise teachers, allowing her to augment her traditional science education by moving into “energy work”

Kate -Author & Speaker:

  • Real Estate Success Blueprint: Working with Pets and Their People to Increase Sales & Profitability
  • Decades of Real Estate investing experience as both a Buyer & Seller 
  • Her book provides a step-by-step blueprint for Agents to keep Buyers and Sellers with pets on track with minimal complications
  • She provides the easy steps to support animals from the beginning of the Real Estate process, to protect deals, and increase sales
  • She is dedicated to helping Real Estate professionals build a solid foundation as a “Pet Partner Agent,” to enhance your brand, and make you professionally attractive to 7 out of every 10 potential clients you talk to or meet