Real Estate Success Blueprint

Working with Pets and Their People to Increase Sales & Profits

Every year, 12% of Americans make a home move. More significant, is that on average,

seven out of ten potential sellers & buyers have pets and consider them part of their family.

Those two facts mean 27.5M households, with pets, are buying/selling homes this year.

Unlike the stock market, for the past 20 years, spending on domestic animals has consistently climbed. In 2016 spending on animals was $60 BILLION. Most of that was discretionary spending for food, toys, services and housing to keep pets healthy and happy.

Outdated Real Estate tactics, that ignore a family’s pets, will not be effective with today’s

pet parents. So, what does it take to successfully serve these 27.5 Million households nationwide?

In this book, you will learn:

  • Animals' impact on their families.
  • The reason and solutions for animal sabotage
  • What makes a property irresistible to pet parents?
  • How to avoid the primary reasons sales fall through
  • And much more…

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"Kate Shadock is the real deal. She’s professional & produces results! I love working with her and have only good things to say about her personally & professionally."

Kellie Poulsen-Grill, Relationship Marketing Expert 

About the Author


Success for Realtors

Kate Shadock combines 20 years’ experience in the housing industry as a designer, inspector, lender and investor. She is currently an Author, Speaker, Animal Communicator and Medical Intuitive. 

Kate has worked with over 7000 animals, often to

help them adjust to their new home and/or family. She wrote this book to help Realtors achieve greater success by learning how to work with pets and their people more effectively.